The Save Point Podcast

Episode 24: The Three Amigos

February 26, 2019

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Steve, Jesus and Dan are here for episode 23.  The Save Point Podcast is now partnered with and the If you like what you hear please subscribe, comment and rate us.  Tell us how we are doing 

Jesus Plays Life on Hard Mode + (6:45)

ReEvolved (8:08).

Some Destiny 2 talk (10:02)

Steve and his many games Resident Evil 7, Subnautica, Far Cry 5, and Crackdown 3 (16:37)

Steve passes the Torch  (18:04)

All the Gameboys and Limited Editions  (39:00)

Tetris 99 talk  (45:31)

Dan's new love called Anthem (47:01)

Nintendo Direct Recap (108:00)

Our Question for next week (127:00)