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Episode 3: Back Into the Stream of Things

Episode 3: Back Into the Stream of Things

June 22, 2018

Steve, Jesus, and Dan discuss the new annoucment that video game addiction is a real medical condition, the new releases for the week, we ask what is Sony doing with the whole Fortnite denial of crossplay, and much more.  

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Episode 2: What an E3 Week!!!

Episode 2: What an E3 Week!!!

June 16, 2018

Join us for Episode 2 of The Save Point Podcast.  First we would like to thank everyone for listening.  The feedback has been outstanding.  Please keep it coming!

This week's episode we discuss what we enjoyed about E3 2018.  We break down all the conferences and games tha were annouced.  Some were off the wall and some we could have gotten by with out.  "Cough" "A ceratain assassination of a certain person" "Cough"    

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Episode 1: Leaks Leaks And More Leaks

Episode 1: Leaks Leaks And More Leaks

June 9, 2018

Welcome to the second episode from The Save Point Podcast.   This has been a crazy week from our last podcast.  So much E3 information has been leaked and or verified.  A new Fallout and Assiassins Creed game.  So much speculation.  So much Hype.   In this epidsode we discuss the leaks, and ask ourselves do all these leaks dampen or enhance the experience of E3.  

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